Pratiko is a dynamic, young and upcoming brand, whose mission is to provide high-quality products for pets,
in Italy and in the International market with an enphasis placed on the production of specialized accessories
including harnesses, leads, collars and muzzles.


Pratiko has had a new headquarters since 2022, equipped with modern and technological systems, located in the magnificent Treviso countryside, the industrial heart of the North East.


Pratiko’s aim is to create smart and innovative solutions, suitable for your needs and for the ones
of your four-legged friend. The love for animals and the pleasure of spending time with them are
the main core of the Pratiko Group, that enable to improve its products day by day.

Ethic and people

The Pratiko Group is composed by young and motivated people, working together to create high
quality products. The creed, the energy and the spirit of the company’s mission, are the strong points characterizing the brand.


Pratiko products take care of the environment with eco-friendly materials and production
techniques, in accordance with a philosophy of harmony between you, your friend and the whole world.


The patents guarantee that the unique characteristics of Pratiko remain inimitable. The harnesses,
in particular, are designed and made in order to redistribute properly the weight and the strains in
an uniform mode, so to avoid undesired robbings. Moreover, hypoallergenic selected materials
protect your friend against any form of reddening.

The range is handmade realized exclusively in Italy, piece by piece, with selected raw materials considering the best products available on the market. The ecological PVC which is used for most of the articles is specially made by a team of technical engineers. It is rigorously tested for breaking and tear strength, delamination of the fabric and abrasion resistance, obtaining a durable and high-tech material.

From May 2015, we have introduced a relevant innovation:
a waterproof, flexible and extremely elastic material, that is also particularly resistant of any kind of laceration.
Its special softness doesn’t cause any abrasion, but above all it allows the complete control of the dog during your walks and at the same time free movements.